Istanbul, Ankara on alert for upcoming snow storm

Istanbul, Ankara on alert for upcoming snow storm

Weather forecasts reported heavy snowfall and blizzards taking over the whole of Turkey starting from Wednesday. Just as the people living in western and central Anatolia heaved a sigh of relief following the snowstorms that took over cities, especially , in previous weeks, the state-run General Directorate of Meteorology has announced that a new wave of snowfall is coming and will stay for four days.

The experts especially raised the red flag for Istanbul and the capital city of . According to the weather forecasts, Istanbul will receive rain mixed with snow while the people of will wake up to a white day on Wednesday. On Thursday, rainfall will turn into snowfall. It is reported that most parts of Anatolia will be under heavy snowfall on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The experts predict that the snowfall in Istanbul will last until Sunday while ending in Ankara on Saturday. Earlier this month, experts announced that Istanbul had seen its heaviest snowfall and coldest temperatures since 2009.

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