Istanbul Biennial

The 13th Istanbul Biennial, titled “Mom, am I Barbarian?”, curated by Fulya Erdemci and focusing on the theme of public space as a political forum, will be free of charge, according to the press release sent by the biennial team. The dates of the 13th Istanbul Biennial have also changed, and the exhibition is now set to be held between Sept. 14 and Oct. 20, 2013.

The 13th Istanbul Biennial, “Mom, am I Barbarian?” underscores the relationship between poetry, literature, poetics, and art. The term “barbarian” also signifies the novel and yet unknown languages we are to learn or discover in order to understand “the other” and construe “the world to come.” Focusing on the theme of public space as a political forum, the exhibition will include works that question forms of contemporary democracy; challenge current spatio-economic politics; problematize notions of civilization and barbarity, and explore the role of art in this context through innovative and unorthodox languages.

The exhibition venues and list of participating artists for the 13th Istanbul Biennial organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) and sponsored by Koç Holding will be announced in the forthcoming days.


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