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Metro Rio, Rio de Janeiro
Metro Rio, Rio de Janeiro
The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has put together projects for two new metro lines to provide additional relief for Istanbul’s congested traffic, especially on the shores of the Bosporus.

One new metro line will be between the Beykoz and Üsküdar districts on the Asian side and the other will be constructed between Beşiktaş and Sarıyer on the European side of the city.

The tender for the projects will be held on June 27.

The Beykoz-Üsküdar line will be 18 kilometers long. The construction of the line is aimed to be completed in about 10 months after the bidding. The line will shorten the time it takes to travel between the two districts to about 30 minutes. Currently, it can take more than two hours during times of heavy traffic congestion.

The Beşiktaş-Sarıyer line will be 18.4 kilometers long and the tender bid for its construction will also be held on June 27. After completion, this line will also join with the Kabataş-Mahmutbey metro line.

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