Classes will be organized to teach the Japanese art of painting, sumi-e, from Jan 31 until the end of March.

Japanese art of painting Sumi-e, which has a significant place in Far Eastern culture, has been brought to Turkey by SushiCo.

Sumi-e, which is ink wash painting, is generally consistent in stating the goal of ink and wash painting is not simply to reproduce the appearance of the subject, but to capture its spirit. To paint a horse, the ink wash painting artist must understand its temperament better than its muscles and bones. To paint a flower, there is no need to perfectly match its petals and colors, but it is essential to convey its liveliness and fragrance. East Asian ink wash painting may be regarded as a form of expressionistic art that captures the unseen.

Nişantaşı SushiCO offers chance for sushi lovers to learn about this art during the Sumi-e classes that will start on Jan. 31. The classes, which will be given by the first artists of this painting in Turkey, Esin Gürkaynak, Handan Duran Yalkılday and Sedef Altuğ, will continue until the end of March.

For further information, please call 444 78 74.