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Battery Charging Units for Wheelchairs to be in Istanbul Metro Stations

Istanbul Transportation Corporation has started a new initiative to aid the integration of disabled persons into city life.

According to a statement by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the new initiative will install ‘battery charging stations’ for battery operated wheelchairs in metro stations.

The new battery charing stations will serve its users. They will be placed at 11 metro stations throughout Istanbul, free of charge, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality said in a statement.

The charging stations will be installed at Aksaray, Yenibosna and Kocatepe metro stations on the M1 metro line, Yenikapı, Gayrettepe, Levent and Şişli on the M2 line, Kirazlı on the M3 line, and Kadıköy, Ayrılıkçeşmesi, Bostancı on the M4 line.

Wheelchairs with 26-33 amps will charge in 1 hour, those with 40-50 amps in 1 hour 20 minutes, and those with 50 amps and above will charge in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

New initiatives and progressive services for disabiled citizens have become increasingly visible as part of government and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s reforms to increase the integration of citizens with disabilities into society.

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