Istanbul Waste Management Consensus

Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC), along with more than other sixty countries from across the globe, has signed a consensus named ‘Istanbul Waste Management Consensus’ in the International Waste Management Conference which was held and concluded in Turkey.

According to the official statement issued here on Friday, ‘3W Istanbul 2013’ lasted for three days from 22 thousands of participants from Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and Europe. The purpose of signing this consensus is to devise and practice mutually agreeable and worldwide system of solid waste and waste water handling and to help each other in tackling the challenges in this regard.

Previously, Managing Director Waseem Ajmal Chaudhary briefed the world’s solid waste experts and environment engineers about currently operating Solid Waste System in Lahore through a comprehensive presentation.

A documentary based on LWMC working, performance and future plan was also showed to the participants. More than two thousand international solid waste experts from almost every region of the globe expressed deep pleasure and appreciated the way LWMC has worked so far in Lahore. LWMC six members delegation attended technical training courses, exhibitions and paid visits to offices and workshops of Albayrak and Ozpak along with ISTAC Offices.


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