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List of Muhtars

1830(?)–1846 Aziz Mahmud Efendi
(Muhtar-ı sânî : 1832-1833 Mustafa a™a
ca. 1846 Kömürcü Abdullah A™a)
1865–1883 ƒsmail bey
(Muhtar-ı sânî: 1865–1870 Süleyman bin Hasan
1878–1880 Ahmet bin Hacı Ali
1880–1883 Osman Efendi)
1883–1904 Osman Efendi
(Muhtar-ı sânî: ca. 1899 Mehmed Nuri Efendi)
dates unknown Muhsin bey
1944–1968 Hüseyin Gidemez (“Karakaœ Hüseyin”)
1968–1984 Fuat Sa™ıro™lu (“Laz Fuat”)
1984–1994 Nuri Aydınlı
1994– Hasan ¥arkalkan (“Kuœçu Hasan”)
The dates given for the nineteenth-century muhtars are all approximate. For the “second muhtars,” the dates given indicate only their date of appearance in the documents, either in the Davudpaœa Court records3 or in the private notebooks having belonged to Osman Efendi.4

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Such was the mahalle that Osman efendi, the muhtar, was expected to rule, control, and represent. He had to have official dealings with a...