Armenians from Istanbul visit Armenian Vank Church in Malatya

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About 150 members of the Armenian community of paid a to Armenian Vank Cathedral in the village of Vank of Turkey’s Province. As reports “Armenpress” Turkish states this. The -’ visit was organized by the Head of “Philanthropist from Malatya Association” Hosrof Köletavitoğlu. Among other things Hosrof Köletavitoğlu noted: “We enjoyed the visit greatly. We love each other, we all are friends. We – people from Malatya, show how we can take under our care the values of the ethnic Armenian citizens.” In addition the Head of “Philanthropist from Malatya Association” Hosrof Köletavitoğlu expressed his gratitude for the ongoing restoration activities of the church. He underscored that the church is of a certain importance for the from Malatya.

The representatives of the Armenian community of Istanbul left the church only after they lighted candles and offered up their prayers to God in the cathedral.

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