List of Imams of the Kasap ƒlyas Mosqe

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1662–1667 Mustafa Efendi, imam.
1737–1747 Ibrahim Efendi, imam.
1760–1761 Mustafa Efendi, imam.
1782 Hacı Hâfız Mahmud Efendi, imam.
1784–1799 Hacı Hâfız Mehmed Efendi, imam, Ibrahim bin Mustafa, müezzin, and Hasan Efendi, hatip (Friday preacher).
1799–1808 This is an interregnum and the Kasap ƒlyas mosque officially seems to have had no imam in this period. The local vakıf documents are all signed by a protector (vasi), who is temporarily in charge.
1808–1822 Mahmud Efendi, imam and Edhem Efendi, müezzin.
1822–1846 Hacı Aziz Mahmud Efendi, imam (Kâmil Efendi müezzin ca.
1854–1855 Seyyid Hâfız Mehmed Efendi, imam.
The dates only indicate a terminus ad quem and a terminus ad quo, since they are simply those of the first and of the last legal acts undersigned by the said imam in the documents of the local vakıfs, of which he was the trustee.1
These have been here and there supplemented by information drawn from the Davudpaœa Court records in the nineteenth century as, in some court cases the imam appeared as a witness or guarantor.2 The result is obviously patchy, for the much larger portion of the signatures on the local vakıf documents give absolutely no clue about the imam’s identity, and they read: el fakîr imam-ı cami-i mahalle-yi Kasap ƒlyas (the lowly imam of the mosque of the Kasap ƒlyas mahalle).

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