Première Vision Joins Forces With CNR Holding for Istanbul DEBUT

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The organiser of Première Vision has partnered with CNR Holding to launch an edition of the fashion trade show in Istanbul.

Première Vision Istanbul will be organised by a new company for the joint venture that will be 51 per cent controlled by Première Vision, and 49 per cent by CNR Holding.

The Turkish organiser and manager of the CNR Expo Istanbul exhibition centre will stage and co-organise the new event on 29-30 October.

“Indeed, with its overall economy projected to grow by four per cent by 2016, Turkey is today one of the most dynamic emerging countries, ideally situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia,” said a spokesman from Première Vision.

“It is also and above all an important player in the global fashion industry, thanks to a textile industry with a strong growth that is vertically integrated.”

The parties say that it will benefit from the strengths of both entities; the experience, reputation and legitimacy of Première Vision in terms of international textile industry players, as well as its fashion network and expertise, together with the event expertise and knowledge of the Turkish market provided by CNR Holding.

Première Vision is also organised in New York, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Moscow. The most recent edition took place in Paris in 2013 and attracted 62,932 visitors and 1,950 exhibitors.

Last year, Première Vision partnered with textile and fashion trade show organiser Eurovet for fashion shows in the French cities of Paris and Lille.


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