Urban process of Istanbul

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Galeri İlayda hosts Caner Şengünalp’s solo sculpture exhibition titled “Istanbul” until Jan. 19.

The main axis of this exhibition rests on the socio-cultural and urban process that Istanbul goes through as a result of rural exodus. The city is being fiercely re-constructed with urban transformation projects due to the growing living space and residence needs in parallel with the overcrowding of the city. However, the urban restructuring and transformation process that is supposed to be open to the democratic participation channels is being implemented without any consideration to rejections of the inhabitants, let alone purveying the participation of local residents and pertinent circuits.

In fact, the process routs them out by divesting them of their own properties. The artist undertakes his work of art with consideration to these expressions. Scale model figures take their place on this stage as the actors of Istanbul that is considered a big theater stage that grows and transforms day by day.

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