İstanbul public transportation fares to increase

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The İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality has announced a series of fare hikes that will come into effect on Sunday, Feb. 1.

The standard bus fare of TL 2.15 will be increase to TL 2.30, while the student price will be bumped up from TL 1.10 to TL 1.15.

The increase will also affect transfer prices. A standard transfer fare currently costs TL 1.45 but will be increased to TL 1.65 effective from Sunday, while student transfers will rise from Kr 45 to Kr 50.

The price increases pertain to those holding İstanbul cards, commonly used on all forms of public transit in the city. Single-use tokens, which cost TL 4, will remain the same price.

Despite gas prices being at their lowest level in years, in the $3 per barrel range, İstanbul continues to regularly raise the rates of transportation.

Though transit prices are still low in comparison to major European cities, they constitute a major segment of the salary of minimum wage earners, who rely on taking multiple buses a day to reach their workplaces.


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